Guntur Oxford Elite Techno Schools

Guntur Oxford Elite Techno Schools was first started in Brundavan Gardens, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh in 1999 to impart the best education to the children. Today after 21 Years we have grown to be a chain of 32 Schools which have Curriculums such as State Syllabus, CBSE and Olympiad.Our School was founded on this 4 Main Pillars.The 1. Academic Excellence 2. Communication Skills 3. Discipline and 4. Character. We believe that a child can be successful in life if he imbibes these 4 Qualities.WE train our kids in these 4 Qualities to become successful in life.

Our School Children have been securing State Ranks in 10th Class year after year right from the beginning.We are the only School in Andhra Pradesh where 1 out of every 5, 10th Class Students are scoring GPA 10/10. Our School Children have been participating and scoring ranks in NTSE, RMO, KVPY etc. Our Alumni went on to score Ranks in IIT, NEET, Eamcet, State Ranks in intermediate MPC and BIPC.

We are the First School in Andhra Pradesh to introduce the Dalton’s House System. The main purpose of it is to make sure all our school children speak only in English in the School, Outside the School and also at Home. We are the only School in Andhra Pradesh which was successful in make all our School Children speak perfect English.

Oxford School children everywhere are appreciated for their Discipline. As everyone knows Success is a Journey, we believe that Discipline is the vehicle for that Journey.

Character and not circumstances is what makes the person. We teach our School children to respect the Parents, Teachers and Elders.Our School Children are taught to respect and be humble to people regardless of their Work and Position. Anyone who does not respect parents will not be successful in life.

Admissions Open for the Academic Year - 2023-2024

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