Computer Labs

Our schools are equipped with latest computers along with internet for familiarity with the internet. we teach the students to use software like Windows,MS-Office along with computer languages like LOGO, Q-basic, Visual basic, C, C++, Java, Scripting etc. to sharpen their logical and reasoning skills. The students also get exposed to the latest Multimedia software like photoshop, illustrator, coreldraw etc.

The students are assessed on their practical skills over a regular time interval via projects and assignments given to them. In the higher classes the students have an option to learn advanced softwares which are the part of their curriculum.

Science Labs

Highly sophisticated and fully equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs provide an open environment for students to experiment and do research work. All these labs are provided with lecture/seminar area too. The three divisions of the science department ensure that students do real experiments. Our science labs are not just a rich storehouse of costly equipment and the latest gadgets on display.Our students do experiments in labs after every lesson. We believe in learning by doing.

They are workshops of practical experiment going far beyond the limits of prescribed syllabus. The teachers at the physics, chemistry and biology labs challenge them with exciting projects, giving them a strenuous time clashing with known principles and existing data. This is a place where the divine curiosity of students is at work.

Maths Lab

Mathematics has not been interesting and enjoyable subject for many students. To promote an interactive way of learning and teaching the subject, the Math Lab has been introduced.

It would allow the students to think, discuss and assimilate concepts, in addition to helping the teacher to demonstrate, explain and re-inforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs, pictures, posters etc.

English Language Lab

In today world, English language communication skills are a must to do well in life. Our schools are famous for its communication skills.All our students are trained to speak only in English in the School,Outside the School and also at home with everyone.

We have introduced English Language Labs in our schools to enchance our kids skills in learning English and also to enhance their ability to Listen, Speak, Read and Write.


The school has a fully equipped A/C library with a reference section, a reading room and a seminar area. It contains books of various categories like general knowledge, facts, education, encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines etc. The books have been classified according to the Dewey decimal classification. The unique feature of the library is the ‘Open Access System’ which enables students to access any book freely. The library is also equipped with a number of educational audio/video CDs/DVDs on curriculum based topics and general studies.

Library Department has initiated a unique certified reading program called “Book boom” to encourage and inculcate the habit of reading. All students are enrolled and have to go through a rigorous program of reading specified by the department and have to appear for an evaluation to get different levels of reading certificate.

Digital Classrooms

The Digital Classroom has a capacity to accommodate about 50 people. It has an Interactive white board along with a projector and Computer. After the teacher completes the lesson, the students enchance their learning by seeing and hearing the digital video of that lesson.

It is not only used by the students but by the teachers as well for in house workshops, guest lectures and seminars.


Our schools have buses wherein we give the most importance to the safety of our students. The buses are GPS Enabled. All the students in each bus are allocated their seats by the concerned school principal. We have cleaner associated along with the well trained driver for each bus to help the students in climbing the bus and getting down from the bus.

Every bus will have atleast 1 Teacher to take care of the discipline.Students are strictly instructed to communicate in English even in the bus.


We put strong emphasis on sports and physical development for all our students. The sports today has become a form of entertainment and also offers promising careers.

Sports contribute to the overall education of the students and also teaches the students about sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork, respect, and health and welfare of all students not only during the school years but continuing into adulthood.


We have separate hostels for boys and girls. The hostel is a meeting point for the East and the West. Our hostel students are offered Western facilities and education, but still encouraged to retain the best of Indian Values. In the hostel our wardens closely follow of the hostel students we assist them to study in the evening.

With dedicated pastoral care, we foster students who are confident and independent, able to compete with the best in the world, ready to face challenges and adjust to both people and situations with ease.

Safety and Security

All our schools are monitored with cc cameras for the safety of the students. We have dedicated security personnel for every school.

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